Collaborative Team Learning Contributes to KM Process, Leadership and Culture – a Study in an Indian IT Company

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Veena Kandukuri
Jigeesh Nasina


Collaboration among individuals can generate team work with a common goal.  They can learn and share knowledge in resolving various issues in their work environment in a collective way.  Such environment enhances learning and generation of new ideas and knowledge.  In information technology (IT) industry, there will be different teams working on different modules or functions and team members have varied skills and experience and occupy different positions. This paper investigated into the collaborative team learning and its contribution to knowledge management (KM) process and leadership and culture in one big Indian IT company.  Six teams working on different projects were interviewed.  It was expressed that collaborative team learning helps in developing sophisticated and ethical intelligence gathering mechanism and understanding revenue generating potential of knowledge assets and developing strategies for marketing and selling them.  It also helps in encouraging and facilitating knowledge sharing and creating customer value.  The teams preferred KM culture to be strengthened first in spite of achieving KM process and leadership in IT organizations.

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