Perceptions of Social Media by Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Turkey

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Niyazi GUMUS
Dilber Nilay Kütahyali


The spread of competition from local to global with globalization has been more than ever compelling for SMEs. What SMEs should do in the face of this intense competition is to reach more customers and satisfy their needs by investing more in technology-focused marketing activities. In this context, it is of vital importance for SMEs to use social media channels which have currently reached billions of users and offers more opportunities than traditional mass media. Within this framework, a face-to-face survey was conducted in August and September 2016 with representatives of a total of 175 SMEs operating in Kastamonu, Turkey in order to elicit information about SMEs' perceptions of social media. The results show that 112 out of 175 SMEs actively use social media in their marketing activities. Given the results, SMEs' perceptions of social media were grouped under the factors of communication/sharing advantage and sales/cost advantage.

Keywords: SME, social media, marketing activities, perceptions

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