Job Motivation of Chinese Cultural Traits, Collective Benefit, Target Awareness and Organizational Citizenship Behavior—A Study of the Governmental Institutions and Corporate Organization in Taiwan

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chiou chi ho


This thesis discusses the job motivation of Chinese cultural traits, collective benefit, target awareness and its relationship with an organization’s citizenship behavior. As regards the questionnaire survey, 266 valid questionnaires (78.89%) were returned, and governmental institutions and corporate organization in Taiwan served as subjects. The study found that: first, the relationship needs and face needs in Chinese culture create a unique job motivation that impacts an employee’s organizational citizenship behavior; second, an organization’s collective benefit and target awareness have a significant influence on organizational citizenship behavior, but do not have an interfering effect on the relationship needs and organizational citizenship behavior, and the face needs and organizational citizenship behavior; Nest, types of organization do not cause significant difference on the variances, but showing that the higher his age is, the more important he thinks collective benefit (CB), and the higher his degree is, the more important he thinks relationship needs(RN), collective benefit (CB), target awareness(TA) and obedience of OCB1 are. The findings of this study will be beneficial for future research related to theoretical development.

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