Role of Conservatism on Turkish Users’ Instagram Behavior

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Sema Kurtulus
Meltem Karakasoglu
Fakhri Baghirov


The aim of this study is to classify Turkish Instagram users in terms of consumer behavior on social media and conservatism as a way of life. The data were collected via face-to-face survey method. 288 questionnaires were included in the analysis. Five point likert questions used for instagram and conservatism scale. Convenient sampling method is applied in selecting respondents. The sample consist of Instagram users over the age of 18 who lives in Istanbul. Based on cluster analysis results, two clusters were appropriate for this study. Cluster 1 consists of liberal individuals, who do not use Instagram for the purpose of sharing, and acting as opinion leader. However they are more tolerant towards woman rights, less religious and so on. On the other sides, individuals in Cluster 2 are more conservatives and less tolerant to sexual orientation and woman rights, however they can be defined as active users of instagram who are willing to share and obtain information from Instagram. This paper fulfils an identified need to study role of conservatism in using Instagram among Instagram users in Turkey.

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Sema Kurtulus, Istanbul University

Professor at Marketing Department of Istanbul University

Meltem Karakasoglu

PHD student at Istanbul University