The Value and Risk of Curated Shopping: Online Consumer’s Choice

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Hoon S. Cha
Soeun You
KwangWook Gang
Minseok Park


Online shopping is attractive to consumers because they can look for and compare products faster and easier. However, as the number of products available online rapidly increases, consumers are required to spend more time and efforts searching for relevant product information. As a result, curated shopping, which recommends a limited number of products carefully chosen by professional shopping curators, is becoming more popular among online consumers. In this study, we empirically investigate how the consumers’ perceived risk, perceived value of curated shopping, and personal characteristics affect their decision to use curated shopping. Our results show that the perceived convenience, the efficiency of curated shopping, and the degree of shopping fatigue are positive factors that increase the intention to use curated shopping. On the other hand, the perceived financial risk is shown to be a significant negative factor. Furthermore, we found that previous experiences of curated shopping moderate the aforementioned relationships. The academic and practical implications of these findings are discussed.

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