Mask It with Emotions – A Study of the Role of Emotional Behavior Among Information Technology Employees

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Shameem shagirbasha


As the intangibility of the business grows, even the technologically dependent professionals, IT employees, who deal with hardwares and softwares, are expected to interact with customers to play their roles successfully. This paper examines the role of emotional labour on organizational citizenship behaviour among IT professionals, an under-researched area in the literature.  Emotional labour has become a buzz word in service industries nowadays. The research on this area is growing tremendously. Though many studies have concentrated on the detrimental effects of emotional labour among human service professionals, there are hardly any studies among Information technology professionals. First objective of this study is to find the relationship between emotional labour and Organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB). Second, is to find the moderating role of perceived organizational support between emotional labour and OCB. Hierarchical step-wise regression was done on 364 responses from IT employees. Consistent with our expectation, Naturally felt emotion is significantly related to organizational citizenship behaviour. Moderating role of perceived organizational support also discussed. Important recommendations on managing workplace emotions particularly in IT sector were discussed along with limitations and scope for future research.

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